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We are pretty sure that your comments and interaction will be really meaningful. But just to make sure we are all on the same page, please have a read through of our terms and conditions to find out what we deem as acceptable content.

Team longidi does not actively monitor every posting on our site, but we do reserve the right to remove any contributions that break our guidelines of acceptable content. Should we be notified of inappropriate content, we will remove the posting.

We classify the below content as being inappropriate:

Terms of use on longidi.com

1. Defamatory: Saying something that can be seen as slander: Content that will affect another user’s reputation, also including affecting the chances of another user being booked for future collaboration.
2. Personal: Including posting private information about another user without their prior consent.
3. Harassing: We all love to make jokes and cheeky comments every now and then, but there’s a clear line between jokes and harassment. Harassment by us is seen as unwanted conduct that could affect the dignity of another. Therefore if you make a joke about a particular user, and that user clearly states you should stop, then you must refrain from that line of joke instantly. However note that we do not permit any forms of jokes relating to a person’s gender, race, religion, disability or other sensitive issues. In this instance a user does not need to inform you to refrain from your remarks. This should be automatic.
4. Obscene: We do not permit content that is offensive, indecent or phonographic in nature – including any sexual memes.
5. Offensive: Any material that may within reason be generally accepted as that which may cause distress to others. As a rule of thumb, all content should be civil, tasteful and polite in nature. Content should not be posted with the goal of inciting trouble. Don’t be mean-spirited. We are a community networking site, and we expect that our users are kind and that they show respect to others regardless of their age, race, religion or ability.
6. Confidential: Material that has been previously accepted as being between specific parties should not be made public on longidi.com. And also any information that if reviewed will be breaking the common law duty of confidentiality (UK).
7. Incitement: A flash mob or any other type of group activity that seeks to influence individuals to participate in breaking the law is prohibited.
8. In contempt of court: We are not lawyers, nor do we claim to be, therefore we wouldn’t know the ins and outs of court cases. As we do not know, nor can we investigate court cases, any material relating to court proceedings are barred.
9. In breach of copyright: Postings works that have not been fully credited to the producer or any other material that may infringe copyright laws in the UK is not allowed. longidi.com accepts no liability whatsoever for any action in breach of these copyright laws.
10. Using multiple log-ins for misconduct: We strongly advise against creating multiple log-ins with the sole purpose of causing disruption in the community or annoying other users. You will be barred from our platform.
11. Impersonation: You must not act in a manner that can be seen as impersonating another user by using their names, or speech patterns.
12. Personal arguments: If you need to make a statement to a particular user that may result in an argument, then to not cause humiliation to the other user, this action must be done through private messaging the individual user and should not be made a matter for public discussion.
13. Language: Messages made public in a group discussion or forum should be posted in English. At present we only support the use of English, but when we do increase our linguistic team, we will be able to support multiple languages.
Breaches of our guidelines We kindly urge users to not post content which are in breach of these guidelines, our T&Cs, or any of our other policies.

Now we’re done with all the stuff that ‘you’ the user should do, now it’s our turn for what ‘we’ should abide by.

Longidi.com takes every effort to verify stories but on the occasion that a story may be inaccurate, we do apologise in advance. And we would be grateful if you could alert us to the contravening article urgently.

Team Longidi also makes the utmost effort to abide by copyright laws. We use free for public use images and some content. Should you find that images or content are your legal property and that you have not given consent to the usage, then kindly reach out to us urgent to confirm and remove the violating content.

Team Longidi thanks you in advance for your cooperation.

All the best.


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