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A fortnight ago, I went XSandy’s beauty store in faraway Lewisham. I don’t know what entered my head but I decided to take a bus 17 after an early finish from work boarding from Gray’s Inn Road heading to London Bridge, before changing to a bus 21 to continue my soul churning bus ride that would take 1 hour 30 minutes. I have an unfounded hatred for the DLR from Bank to Lewisham, it feels like a never-ending tunnel. But since my mind was already made up to take the bus, I had no choice but to continue. Of course, I took several naps to break up the journey psychologically. But funny thing is that this journey didn’t seem so bad at the age of 16 when Lewisham seemed like a stone’s throw away, but at the ripe old of NOT 16 years old anymore, it was gruesome.

My heart skipped a tune of excitement when the bus tannoy announced that ‘this bus terminates here at Lewisham Shopping Center’. It wasn’t that I was so excited about Lewisham and all it had to offer per se. But more like gladness that the never-ending journey had finally come to an end.

Lewisham Shopping Center

Lewisham Shopping Center

As I entered the shopping center, I was already exhausted so had no desire to find out where XSandy’s coordinates lay. To my rescue, came a very helpful security man who describe to me ‘go all the way straight down, then you’ll find it on your left’.

And a perfect description, that it was.

On approaching XSandy’s which was nicely located at a busy junction. I walked into a calm store. Not much fussing, and no one tailing you around as if they were your shadow. The sales assistance was helping another lady when I walked into the store, thus giving me a chance to browse peacefully. They had quite a reasonable amount of hair products, but the beauty products side was lagging. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but XSandy’s is silently flying the flag of black skin beauty by not stocking all the bleaching products that Asian stores feed the black women. If this was a conscious decision, then well done. If not, then c’est la vie.

XSandy's Beauty Store Lewisham

XSandy’s Beauty Store Lewisham

Hair Products @ XSandy's Beauty Store Lewisham

Hair Products @ XSandy’s Beauty Store Lewisham

MakeUp Products @ XSandy's Beauty Store Lewisham

MakeUp Products @ XSandy’s Beauty Store Lewisham

Hair Products @ XSandy's Beauty Store Lewisham

Hair Products @ XSandy’s Beauty Store Lewisham

Hair Products @ XSandy's Beauty Store Lewisham

Liar Products @ XSandy’s Beauty Store Lewisham

It’s quite understandable that as XSandy’s is still trying to play a key role in the black beauty market, it can only progress if more black women and men patronise the store. I was quite impressed that several black people came to the store perhaps as to confirm if the tale they had heard of there being a black owned black beauty store was true. For it was true. And I had visited.

Plus, I had already made up my mind back in March to support black owner businesses with full gun power. So, if I had to travel for nearly two hours to get there, then so be it.

Due to the distance, I stocked up a little on my Palmers’ body products. But I’ve since learnt they have an outlet in Peckham. Result. Peckham is such an easy trip for me, a simple Overground from Clapham High Street and within under 10 minutes I’d be at Peckham’s doorstep.

Palmers Products

Palmers Products

Go check out XSandy’s beauty store. If you live or work in South-West, then Peckham would be perfect. And if you are part of the South-East crew, then head over to sunny Lewisham.

Happy beauty shopping!

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