Who we are?

We are London, We are Lagos, We love London, We love Lagos!

I love Lagos

I love Lagos

Lagos to us means of course Lagos, Nigeria. But Lagos also represents numerous metropolitan African cities that should be explored, toured and experienced. And to us, London represents many fast paced European and North American cities.

So don’t be left out. Come, join in the conversation. Become part of Longidi.com

What we do?

We always need to hear both sides of the story.
And that’s exactly what we do, we live through experiences from both sides…
We invite you to eat, drink, do, sleep.
See the other side of life.
See the other side of Lagos.
The other side of London.

Don’t just go to London, don’t just go to Lagos, live there through Longidi.com

Join us

New to London?
New to Lagos?
Join the movement.
Become a Londoner.
Become a Lagosian.

Become a local when you visit Longidi.com

Let’s Connect

Join the conversation.
Come to our events.
Dial in to our webinars.
Connect with other ‘new to Lagos’ newbies.
And also connect with other ‘new to London’ newbies.

Connect as much as you can on Longidi.com


As much as you can via your social media channels. The more you share, the more our community grows. Growth means we have more to give you… More great content, great ideas, more prizes and freebies!







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Official Longidi

So what are you waiting for… share Longidi.com with your family, friends, networks, the rest of Africa, Europe, Americas and the rest of the world will follow.

Relate with us

Love our content… why not let us know.
Say ‘hi’ at officiallongidi@gmail.com

Love our content and want us to create some awesome content for you? No problem.
Drop us an email to officiallongidi@gmail.com

Want us to promote. Sure thing, you bet.
Let us know what, who and where at officiallongidi@gmail.com


Team Longidi


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